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The Future of Movies: How Will Google Glass Change Filmmaking?

by Gary Susman.

We’re still months away from the consumer release of Google Glass, Google’s spectacles-like mobile device that’s the most anticipated gadget since the iPad. Still, Google has let a handful of people beta-test the Glass, which puts a voice-activated computer display and 720p high-definition video camera at the user’s eye level. If you’ve seen the prototypes walking around, you can recognize why professional filmmakers are already pondering what its impact will be on the world of movies.

A study by research firm IHS suggests that as many as 10 million smart-glasses (whether they’re made by Google or a rival riding Google’s coattails) may be sold by 2016. A world where everyone on the street is instantly uploading to YouTube whatever they’re looking at will be a world where everyone is both continuously filming and being filmed, where everyone is both voyeur and object.

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