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Bring on a Hollywood-style disaster for the blockbuster film

by Steve Rose.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas bemoaning the commercialised state of modern Hollywood is a bit like Amazon complaining about the decline of old-fashioned bookshops. Last week, speaking at the University of Southern California, the two film-makers outlined a doomsday scenario of hugely inflated ticket prices, limited choice at the box office and no place for talented, visionary directors – like themselves.

Spielberg only just got his Oscar-winning Lincoln into cinemas, he revealed, otherwise it would have gone straight to television. Likewise, George Lucas struggled to get his Red Tails movie seen. Were just a handful of big budget tent-pole Hollywood movies to flop, the two men warned, there could be an industry-changing “implosion – or a big meltdown”.

The instinctive response to this apocalyptic prophecy is, “Bring it on.” The second is, “Hang on, you’re Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.” We’ll get to the second point later, but the subtext of what these two Hollywood titans were saying is, like national banks, blockbuster movies are simply too big to fail.

They’re so expensive, and there’s so much riding on them, they have to be supported, regardless of whether or not they’re actually any good. This has been true for some time. I’ve no argument with blockbuster movies per se. The good ones deserve every penny they get.

Read the rest of this article from The Guardian.

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