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Reflection: What is Wrong with Hollywood Film Making These Days?

by Aj Snyder.

Well to answer the headline question, a hell of a lot of things. On one hand, Hollywood has been experiencing the same sort of market share niche-ization that has taken over many other industries. Summer blockbusters have been a staple for over three decades now and they show little evidence of letting up. Although genre-wise they have mostly narrowed down to Superhero Movies and Big Dumb Young Adult Book Adaptations; they have also attempted to broaden our horizons with promising new territory such as Thing Your Parents Watched Rebooted and Board Game: The Movie, with mixed results.

Beyond this Hollywood knows exactly how much to spend on its “Indie Film” subsidiaries to make exactly as much as they expect from the discerning audience who wants something “different” –but still stars Robert Redford or Susan Sarandon. Even this hedge industry has become increasingly corrupted over the years as there becomes fewer and fewer distinctions between the “Indie” drama and the Hollywood drama. Aside from sharing the same stable of Hollywood hack actors, they often can only be distinguished by their apparent budgets (i.e. Costumed Period Dramas are “Hollywood,” while Zip-up Hoody Suburban Operas are “Indie,” or more accurately “Indie Chic.”)

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