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Filmmakers must wise up to reality

by Mukunda Michael Dewil.

Although I was not mentioned directly by name in Roger Young’s article “A car chase too far: What SA film can’t learn from Hollywood” (Friday, May 24), Young cited two movies that I wrote and directed, so I thought I would respond.

I’m currently in Los Angeles taking meetings about my next movie. It’s called Drop — a $10-million action thriller set on Table Mountain. It’s going to feature an American lead. Why? Because if it features a South African lead nobody will come and see it. They would rather go and see one of the many other competing films featuring famous movie stars.

This is a fundamental truth of the filmmaking business. A movie star attracts an audience and if you don’t attract an audience your movie will be a flop. My first movie, Retribution, was nominated for five Safta awards, including two best-actor nominations for our two South African leads.

Read the rest of this article from Mail Guardian.

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