Cannes 2013: The Rise of Chinese Cinema

by Peter D. Marshall

by John Glynn.

A scattering of awards at the Cannes Film Festival has given international prominence to what experts say is an exciting era in Asian film-making, where China is emerging as the creative powerhouse.

Directors from China, Japan, Singapore and Cambodia were all present at the Palais des Festivals, and this is where the world’s most prestigious movie bash ended on Sunday, May 26th.

Generous praise has been lavished upon China’s Jia Zhangke for his screenwriting of “A Touch of Sin” (Tian Zhu Ding), which he also directed. This is a tale involving corruption, greed and the exploitation culture involved in modern day China. Festival jury boss Steven Spielberg said the movie was nothing less than “visionary,” high praise indeed.

Jia, 43, was born into real poverty. He was raised in the harsh province of Shanxi, which has frequently provided a grim setting for his story-lines.

“A Touch of Sin,” a collection of stories involving desperate people driven to desperate acts, is Jia’s most controversial film to date, a real criticism of capitalist-communist China.

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