Star Trek Into Darkness: JJ Abrams’ 9 Point Guide To Rebooting A Franchise

by Peter D. Marshall

by Amarpal Biring.

Making sure a movie is a huge box office hit involves a lot of pre-planning. It’s not just a case of spending $200 million and keeping your fingers crossed that the audience flocks in on the opening weekend. Like launching a new toy or gadget, modern blockbusters are a product produced by committee; a product designed to appeal to the masses and maximise profits.

Not everyone who goes to the cinema wants to be intellectually stimulated. They want to be entertained and have a good time while they eat their overpriced popcorn and drink combos. While there is nothing wrong with that, it can leave some feeling cold and frustrated as each movie appears to be ‘’paint-by-numbers’’ hollow experience. Never offensive, overloaded with CGI action and set at a breakneck pace; everything is designed to stimulate the senses like a Big Mac or a music video.

Film studios use this style to make sure there is a decent chance of a healthy profit on their investment. Artistic vision takes a secondary position as the focus is firmly on ticking boxes to satisfy  the ‘’average Joe.’’ Many directors are happy to make movies like this and the kings of the current crop are Michael Bay and JJ Abrams.

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