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5 Great Apps for Filmmakers

by Zack King.

Filmmaking today is so much different than it was even a decade ago that it can be hard to keep track with the latest methods and practices. The best way to sum it all up, though, is that life for independent and amateur filmmakers has become simpler, thanks in large part to technology. You may hear a lot about editing programs such as Final Cut Pro, or even something a bit more obscure, such as filmmakers using advanced file sharing programs like Share File to exchange and edit material. But in addition to these types of programmers, people interested in film can also take advantage of something much simpler: electronic apps.

It seems that these days just about everyone you meet has either a smart phone or a tablet device, and these electronics come equipped to download an incredible range of apps and programs geared toward every hobby, profession and practice in existence. So, here are 5 such apps that are particularly useful for independent and amateur filmmakers.

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