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Film editor’s job starts in pre-production phase

by Haricharan Pudipeddi.

A film editor is no longer part of just the post-production team. In fact, the work begins from a movie’s pre-production phase itself, says southern editor T.S Suresh.

“Today, editing has become a very important facet of filmmaking. Filmmakers require an editor’s assistance even before going on floors – right from the pre-production phase. Filmmakers and editors have begun working in collaboration to save time on a project,” Suresh told IANS.

“Typically, films are completely shot and handed over to an editor, but most filmmakers today utilise editors right from the scripting stage. Sometimes, even on the spot to edit a scene to avoid unwanted patch work. Editors have started travelling with the crew to locations where the director sits with an editor after every scene and discusses,” he added.

Read the rest of this article from Business Standard.

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