The Philosophy of Filmmaking: Storytelling DNA

by Peter D. Marshall

by Jeremiah Birnbaum.

Storytelling is an essential part of our DNA. Human beings’ innate, primal search for meaning is the birth of narrative.  We impart meaning to the events we experience. Our personal identity is created through the story of our lives. It is this innate gift for narrative that as filmmakers we must recognize and source for our work. Filmmakers are storytellers, working in the medium that has the most impact and relevance for today.

I myself am a filmmaker and an educator. I meet a lot of people who want to be filmmakers, people who want to take that journey, but they don’t know how to begin. The craft of filmmaking has much to blame for this. Except for the occasional post-modern or experimental work, we filmmakers do everything we can to hide the filmmaking process. Lights, cameras, crew are never shown.

We want the audience to get lost in the movie, to experience the story unaware of the arduous tasks necessary to create that cinematic dream. Because of this slight of hand, non-filmmakers tend to come to two conclusions about filmmaking: either it’s EASY (films are so much fun to watch, how hard could it be to make one) or is it’s IMPOSSIBLE (I could never do that, I’m not a creative person).

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