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Euphonia Director Danny Madden Explores How Technology Impacts Personal Relationships

by Max Blau.

Danny Madden’s interest in filmmaking formed at an early age. The Georgian director grew up surrounded by both his brothers, who helped him make movies, and his father, a blue-collar worker who fostered his sons’ creative curiosities.

The 25-year-old filmmaker says the latter remains best exemplified in a moment that happened nearly a decade and half ago. “My dad saw The Matrix, called my mom and said to drive my brother and I, 25 minutes from our home, to the dollar Fayetteville theatre,” he says. His dad, affectionately referred to as “big Kev,” wanted to expose his sons to a film that was “something different.”

That experience still resonates with Madden, whose early exposure to genre-bending movies would soon inform his own innovative works. After releasing a series of acclaimed animated shorts, his captivating full-length debut, Euphonia, came out online this week and can be streamed online for free.

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