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The Next Steven Spielberg Uses A Smartphone

by Brian S Hall.

The next Hollywood blockbuster may not be made using a smartphone, but that day is soon coming. This year’s Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Feature, Searching for Sugarman, was shot mostly on traditional, costly 8mm film. The director shot some final scenes, however, with his iPhone and the $2 app 8mm Vintage Camera. Increasingly, high-quality films – shorts, especially – are being made entirely with nothing more than a smartphone.

Today’s high-end smartphones pack a virtual film studio in your pocket. The Nokia Lumia 920, for example, includes a 1080p full-HD video camera, zoom light, image stabilization and multiple white balance modes to help ensure that perfect shot.

Specs aren’t enough to convince you?

Blackberry has teamed up with famed Sin City director, Robert Rodriguez, to create a short film using the new Blackberry Z10. Former Cannes film festival winner, Park Chan-wook, used a smartphone to film Paranmanjan – it won the Golden Bear for Best Short Film at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival.

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