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China’s Film Industry Short of Professionals

by Guo Jing.

China’s film industry is booming with Chinese filmmakers producing nearly 900 films last year.

But film industry insiders and experts believe China faces a severe shortage of professional moviemakers.

Experts also urge that more international exchanges be arranged to improve the professional quality of film-related professionals. CRI’s Wei Tong has more.

China has become the world’s second-biggest movie market, with its box office sales surging more than 30-percent year on year. Statistics from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television indicate that Chinese filmmakers produced 893 films last year, including 745 feature films and 33 animated ones.

But Yin Hong, director of the Research Centre for Film and Television Communication at Tsinghua University, says although Chinese filmmakers produced nearly 900 films last year, the number of good competitive movies was disappointingly small. He describes filmmaking professionals in China in the same vein.

Read the rest of the article from CRI English.

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