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Don’t Blame Veronica Mars: How You May Be Sabotaging Your Film Through (Lack of) Marketing

by Oakley Anderson-Moore.

You’ve written the perfect breakout indie hit. First, the budget is small, which is great because you can easily raise it on Kickstarter from all those tastemakers who just can’t wait for a signed DVD. On top of that, you’ve got a story that is so universal, anybody and everybody would enjoy it. “FWACK!” That’s the sound of the cold brick of reality hitting you in the face.

In the series of Film Courage interviews below, independent marketing strategist Sheri Candler breaks down how we screw up our films by unwittingly sabotaging our marketing, and just how little we have in common with Veronica Mars.

First, Candler points out why it’s essential to think about marketing in an early stage, especially if you’re in the low-budget category:

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