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Shooting stock footage – videographer Francois Arsenault.

by Danny Groner.

When you think of filmmakers, you probably think of Hollywood directors. They’re by far the most famous filmmakers, followed by independent filmmakers. Full-length feature filmmakers might be the top of the pyramid, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only kinds of filmmakers out there.

Amateur filmmakers shoot for a variety of reasons — whether it’s a hobby, a passion, an assignment, or otherwise. and then some of them do it as a side business. While stock photography might be more wellknown, stock footage is also a profitable enterprise for creatives looking to make a little extra cash with their skill set.

Take, for instance, videographer Francois Arsenault  who has for nearly three decades shot all kinds of surfaces, terrains, and landscapes. He’s helped redefine what is possible for the typical videographer with some access and big dreams. Arsenault has traveled all over the world to capture explosions, storms, motorsports, and more, putting some of the most exciting natural disasters and human achievements to film. Through both fire and water, Arsenault has gone the distance for his craft.

Because Arsenault has gotten so close up to these kinds of scenes, digital producers will reap the benefits and use some of his clips as part of their creative projects and pursuits. Each time others download from his portfolio, Arsenault takes home a little extra cash. It’s the combination of the excitement that come from going out on a video shoot, and the rewards he pockets later on, that keeps Arsenault hungry for the next great clip, even after all of these years.

Read more about Arsenault here, or learn about how to becoming a video contributor.

Danny Groner is the manager of blogger partnerships and outreach for Shutterstock.


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