Director Profile: Steven Spielberg

by Peter D. Marshall

by Paul Sorrells.

In what will hopefully be the first in a series on my favorite directors, this profile of Steven Spielberg will attempt to give a brief introduction into his career, memorable films, filmmaking technique, themes, critical reception, and his impact on the film industry, as well as look at his upcoming films.

Regardless of your opinion of him, Steven Spielberg is undoubtedly one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation, influencing many modern directors and changing the way Hollywood makes movies. Spielberg’s films remain very distinctive, as few filmmakers possess both his technical abilities and his flair for engaging storytelling and a number of unique characteristics run through his films.

Spielberg has enjoyed one of the most prolific careers of any major filmmaker, directing 27 feature films, most of which have received considerable critical and commercial acclaim. Spielberg has been praised for his natural directorial ability, having displayed considerable skill across many different style and genres of movies….

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