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Young Indie Filmmakers Shed Light on “Lost Vegas”

Press Release.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (March 26, 2013) -The crew of the documentary Lost Vegas begin to raise funds to bring awareness to those who are marginalized by society. Filmmakers and activists Olivia Wells and Lauren Solie wade through the murky waters of Las Vegas’ forgotten, underground, homeless society.

“When you think of Vegas you think of the Strip, which has come to symbolize gambling, celebrities, over-the-top shows, and non-stop partying.” says director Olivia Wells, “No one thinks about the people in Vegas who not only live outside the microcosm that is the Strip, but have been hidden and marginalized as a consequence of their circumstance.”

Olivia’s attention was first drawn to the issue of homelessness in Las Vegas when she read an article in a UK daily about people living in the drainage tunnels beneath the city. “The article’s images of seemingly normal families attempting to create homes in these tunnels were shocking. I knew I had to dig deeper into this phenomenon.”

Lauren Solie, the project’s producer, talks about the pre-production process: “Olivia came to me with the idea and I was immediately on board. We packed our bags and went to Vegas to meet with activists and community organizers to better understand the scope of homelessness in the city. It was an eye-opening experience, we’re looking to raise enough funds necessary to get back out there and bring a voice to these people.”

Preliminary footage was shot for the video component of their Kickstarter page. “We’re young, creative, and passionate,” says Olivia, “And we want to use our art to make a difference. Las Vegas is unique because of its dichotomy between above ground and ‘below’. We will be exploring both sides of the city. It’s imperative for us to do the best job we can with this documentary and that requires adequate funding from Kickstarter, we are also seeking angel investors. Ideally, we would like to raise enough to be able to donate excess funds to the charities that work with us on this film. That would be making a two-fold difference.”

The documentary’s Kickstarter went live on the eve of March 14th, with 45 days to go.



Lauren Solie, Producer


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