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“Love.Honour.Obey.” A Raindance Feature Film

Love.Honour.Obey., a thriller written by uber-talented first time screenwriter Mark Rogers, is the first film produced by Raindance Raw Talent, the film production arm of the Raindance Film Festival.

For over 20 years Raindance has been championing independent film and filmmakers and now with crowdfunding we believe indie film has just got more independent. So we have brought together a team to make an exciting psychological thriller set in London.

We will shoot the film in April/May and it will have its world premiere at the 2013 Raindance Film Festival.

The interesting story in this Raindance Indiegogo campaign is that the young writer was unpublished and told by professionals that he shouldn’t bother trying to have a screenwriting career  – because he suffers from myriad physical and developmental challenges.

Instead, this young man, Mark Rogers, contacted Raindance and asked Elliot if he should give up. Elliot asked to see a script Mark wrote, and became hooked. Mark is actually scheduled for a kidney transplant, has cerebral palsy and several other afflictions.

It’s an underdog story…and very much a Raindance story how this campaign came to be…and here we are putting together financing for his first film, and pairing him up with a veteran director and cinematographer.

Note for Canadian filmmakers: If Raindance is successful with this first campaign in London, they will be bringing another finance program to Canada to help emerging Canadian filmmakers and Raindance members. 🙂

“Hi, this is Elliot Grove from the Raindance Film Festival and Raindance Film School. We are asking you to help us make a truly independent movie. We are raising £10,000 to go towards production costs so we can make this film in time for the Raindance Film Festival in the Fall.  

We have an amazing script from a first time writer we are all excited about, an experienced cult director who has given up Hollywood budgets to work on this project and, of course… you. This film is what Raindance is all about – it’s what indie films are all about.  I hope you will continue reading and finding our more about our film. Thanks… and don’t forget to check out the perks!” – Elliot

Please check out the Raindance Indiegogo campaign for this film.

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