How (Why) to Make a Movie

by Peter D. Marshall

by Chris F Cooper.

It was 1969, I was 22 years old, and all things seemed possible. Yes. Possible. I didn’t know all the nuts and bolts to making a good movie at that time but I should have made the attempt anyway.

My cousins and I wanted to make a movie. The theme escapes me now. Today, the production from that time would have been laughable, considering our level of expertise.

We had none. Now, forty odd years later, it is too late. While it isn’t too late to make more movies it is too late to make that one. For starters, not everyone in the original cast is still alive. No, we can’t travel in time to our past, but, if planned properly, we can bring the past to our present.

Well, we had not planned properly. That window was never opened. Our technology back then would have been an 8mm camera and a tape recorder. Synchronizing the two would have been difficult. Yes, it would be laughable today, if only we had made it.

Isn’t a camera a type of time machine? Doesn’t it bring the past to ‘life’?

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