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Arab women directors find acclaim worldwide

by Tim Hume.

Film-making was not an obvious career path for the young Annemarie Jacir.

The daughter of Palestinian parents, she spent 16 years growing up in Saudi Arabia — “a country of no cinema,” she says — where public movie theaters have been banned for more than three decades.

Jacir, who is also a poet, thought she wanted to write fiction, perhaps do screenwriting. But the possibility of film-making was not something that occurred to her until much later.

Just as well it did. The Jordanian-Palestinian director’s second feature film, “When I Saw You,” has been winning awards at film festivals around the world, part of a wave of Arab women filmmakers recently gaining critical acclaim worldwide.

Having won prizes at film festivals in Abu Dhabi, Oran, Cairo and Berlin, the film will have its UK premiere next month in London at the Bird’s Eye View Film Festival, an event devoted to championing women filmmakers and which is this year focusing on Arab cinema.

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