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Janssen’s Guide to Short Filmmaking With Michael Spiccia

from Pedestrian TV.

Michael Spiccia knows a thing or two about short film. The rising Aussie talent’s directorial debut Yardbird, conceived in conjunction with award winning filmmaker buddy Julius Avery who penned the screenplay and is currently at work on his feature film debut ‘Son of a Gun’ starring Ewan McGregor, was the only Australian film in competition at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, won the Dendy Award at the Sydney Film Festival and won Best Australian Short Film at Flickerfest with the epically realised fable of a young girl who lives in a wrecking yard and retaliates against the local bullies who travel out to torment her father.

As a primer for our good pals at Janssen’s 60 second ad competition See The Real Thing, we caught up with Spiccia for an intensive crash course on how to make your own mini masterpiece.

Read the ret of this article from Pedestrian TV.

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