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Ten Pointers to Improve Storytelling Without Cracking Open a Bottle

by C. Hope Clark.

Here are ten pointers to improve our storytelling without cracking open a bottle:

1) Open with a hook.

Such a simple word of advice that few people master. In a room full of storytellers, who gets to tell the story first? The person with the best hook; the hook that makes everyone hush, turn and tune in. Your fiction must grab from the start. Sliding into a story is like taking kids on a vacation and telling them for 300 miles that “we’re almost there.” They quit believing in you.

2) Cut the backstory.

Attention span of readers, and inebriated listeners, is limited. If we don’t make a strong point, they drift away. If they don’t need to know where the characters came from, who they are related to, what the weather is, or where they work then leave it out. Besides, you can slip this information in the story here and there along the way.

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