5 Foreign Language Filmmaking Masters

by Peter D. Marshall

by David Braga.

Subtitles are, unfortunately, a deal breaker for far too many filmgoers. Call them unadventurous, unable to adapt, or just plain lazy, but it’s the truth. And while it’s true that some foreign films can be laborious if you don’t have a working knowledge of what they’re trying to do, the culture they were created in, or a particular affinity for the filmmaker or actors, there are more than enough others that are as good, if not better, than many English language films. Great cinema is great cinema, no matter what the language.

However, if you’re not sold on foreign language films, here are five superb contemporary foreign filmmakers that will hopefully change your mind. While there are plenty of other foreign masters who primarily work in the English language these days (Herzog, von Trier, etc.), the names on this list almost always do their work in a foreign tongue. But that matters little because of how well they speak the universal language of cinema.

Here are five foreign language filmmaking masters, along with a recommended starting point for viewers interested in exploring their work…

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