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10 Lessons on Filmmaking from Beasts of the Southern Wild’s Benh Zeitlin

by Ariston Anderson.

Despite legions of advice to the contrary, there is no quick-fix scheme toward making a feature film. What it really comes down to is creating a universal story and surrounding yourself with people who believe in your vision enough to see it come to life. Benh Zeitlin proves that to make a powerful film today, you don’t need gimmicks, a convoluted strategy, or even connections in the business. All you really need is a story so strong that it’s impossible not to make.

The 30-year-old Zeitlin’s journey from short to feature is a true fairytale in the landscape of American indie cinema. Working with a collective of artists called Court 13, Zeitlin created one of those rare game-changing shorts, Glory at Sea, which attracted the attention of the not-for-profit foundation Cinereach. They came on board to finance his feature, Beasts of the Southern Wild at a budget of $1.5M. What resulted was an ethereal film rich in emotion and breadth, unlike anything anyone had ever seen, earning 49 awards to date, and no less than four Academy Award nominations.

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