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Werner Herzog on documentary filmmaking

by Marjorie Baumgarten.

Werner Herzog on the set of 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams'
“I’m after some deeper truth, said filmmaker Werner Herzog to Austin Chronicle interviewer Marrit Ingman regarding his documentary Grizzly Man. “To find some sort of ecstasy of truth, I stylize, I fabricate, I stage, I invent dialogue all over the place,” he continues. “So when you speak about documentaries, do it with a necessary caution.”

Ingman spoke with Herzog in 2005 in conjunction with the Austin opening of Grizzly Man, the director’s provocative portrait of Timothy Treadwell, the naturalist who lived among grizzly bears and died after being mauled alive. In “Discord and Ecstasy,” Herzog discusses some of his ideas about documentary filmmaking, an activity in which he’s engaged almost as much as his fiction filmmaking.

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