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Peter Fonda: Independent filmmaking takes ‘all the heart you’ve got’

by Amy Bounds.

Acting, Peter Fonda asserted, comes down to trying to add a third dimension to the two dimensions captured on film — and it’s up to directors to keep everything calm and recognize the accidents that make for inspired scenes.

“I could direct all my crew and the camera and all the actors to keep calm and then give it everything,” the 72-year-old said after receiving the Pinnacle Award at the Boulder International Film Festival’s closing ceremony tonight at the Boulder Theater.

In a wide ranging conversation with Ron Bostwick, the festival’s special event producer, Fonda talked about making the movie, “Easy Rider,” for the “love” generation. He also showed off his “groovy red and black shoes,” told stories about fellow actors — including Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson — and mimed smoking pot in homage to Colorado’s recent legalization of the drug.

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