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Filmmaking Tips From the Disney Masters!

by Jonathan Cooper.

Last year, Samantha Youssef of Studio Technique hosted a Master Class given by Disney animating legend Andreas Deja. We did some publicity for the class and, in return, Samantha chose her favourite animated filmfrom submissions to last year’s festival (Sweet Tooth), giving the filmmaker of Sweet Tooth, Audrey Meubus, a free seat in the class.

Audrey was supposed to send us a report of the class, but she’s been a little busy. Which was why we were so happy when Jonathan Cooper wrote up his report on the class for his blog. This was a Master Class for animators, but many of the general lessons that Andreas Deja gave during that class are applicable to filmmakers from any genre or discipline. With Jonathan’s permission, we have adapted his notes for this article.

Read the rest of this article from Young Cuts.

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