Is The Hollywood California Film Making Industrial Complex Pricing Itself Out of The Market?

by Peter D. Marshall

by Lance Winslow.

Well, in case you haven’t heard China wants our movie industry too, and really why wouldn’t they, it’s huge, and consider this, our movie industry for the most part is union labor, and that makes it extremely costly to make a movie. So much so, that the industry itself is considering more partnerships with Chinese firms. This also makes sense because China is a huge market for movies made in the United States.

Not only are there a lot of moviegoers, but there’s a lot of people in China who speak English, some 450 million folks speak simple English in China now. That’s a huge audience, in a gigantic market. Think of all the DVDs they can sell as well? Of course, you are probably thinking that China generally just copies those DVDs, and sells them anyway. Right now that’s true, but if China has control of making their own movies, they will also seize control of the pirates and intellectual property theft.

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