Living and Working in the Movie Business

by Peter D. Marshall

by Vince A Onken.

Pop Quiz: What job, at the end of the day, hands out maps so you know how to get to work the following day? Or what occupation has a precise starting time every day but usually doesn’t ever guarantee an ending time? Or what profession has you working at a dirty tire factory in the morning, and that afternoon you’re setting up shop at the prestigious Riviera Country Club? And finally what trade keeps you flying by the seat of your pants because no matter how prepared you think you are the unexpected happens.

Our company rolled in early that morning, in complete darkness, and the Transportation Department began strategically parking the production vehicles. Parking can be a big deal as the cast and crew will be moving back and forth from the trucks and trailers to the set, etc., so the closer and easier truck access is the quicker things can go.

A good Transportation Coordinator and/or Captain can save a production a lot of time and money over the course of a feature film, and our Captain was very good. He was good because when you work the set you really come to appreciate someone who cares enough to get those vehicles parked as close as possible, as the trips made between the two can be many.

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