It’s Time for Young Film Makers to Bring Us Another Epic Rocky Type Movie

by Peter D. Marshall

by Lance Winslow.

Last month, I was watching a Rocky movie rerun on the movie channel. I’m not sure why I like that movie so much, maybe because it is about the individual against the odds, battling it out through all that adversity and realizing victory in the end. It seems to me that much of life is like that. And that all those quotes we grew up with such as; never give up – well, they all seem to be part of the theme of that movie. I notice these days I don’t see a whole lot of movies about individuals, at least not to that degree.

There seems to be a trend in our society against the individual, and perhaps it has to do with our move towards socialism. Where people are asked to give of themselves, and join a greater cause bigger than themselves, and in the end they seem to lose themselves in the process. That’s too bad really, but I imagine there will be another movie someday in the future that will bring everyone back into reality, have them look in their own mirrors so we don’t end up like 1984, Gattaca, or the Borg.

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