‘Film making is a business too’

by Peter D. Marshall

by Vipasha Sinha.

Film releases have metamorphosed into mega publicity events. When it comes to promoting a film prior to its imminent release, the medium is indeed the message. The film’s audio release matches the main event in elaborateness. Actors appear on reality shows, waiting to get a word in edgewise to say their bit. They grace the covers of magazines, remain available for photo shoots and are obliging about interviews. An actor commits to fulfill these obligations when he or she signs on the dotted line. Professionals are usually hired to design a publicity strategy and K’town is taking it very seriously.

Mani Ratnam, whose Kadal is releasing today, says that, promoting the film is integral to marketing it. “It is as important an aspect as producing the film. We are making a mainstream film, so it is also a business, not just an art. For it to reach a wide section of people you have to market it well, one cannot ignore that aspect of it, one cannot say, he has made a film and leave it at that. You have to take it to the audience. To get a wider release, it is the only way that piracy can be countered, we can make people watch it in the theatre by inviting them, telling them, ‘look, I have made a film, please come and watch it’. We have to put our best foot forward and all our efforts go into it.”

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