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Is Machinima the Future of Filmmaking?

by Elektra Kotsoni.

A couple of weeks ago, while researching for a Future Week article about how to trick people into being obsessed with you in the future, I heard about a YouTube network called Machinima. The network specialises in a new brand of animation where, instead of designing anything from scratch, the animators use the ready-made characters and scenery of video games to create new stories. Google have already invested £20million into it and the network has had 43.7 billion views to date, so they’re obviously on to something.

It’s also recently come under fire from a part of its large network of filmmakers, who are protesting their low pay and supposedly creatively-binding contracts. I couldn’t form too much of an opinion on the matter – getting over the fact that there were enough people out there creating Skyrim bikini contest videos to form some kind of union was too much for me.

So while I was talking to Philip DeBevoise, Machinima’s co-founder, about the future of celebrity, I figured I’d go a bit more in-depth about his company and share the results with you here.

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