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by Peter D. Marshall

by  Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros.

When I first began making films as a producer 15 years ago, we did everything by the book. The script was completed before we even sent out a casting call.  We cast out of a lovely spacious conference room in an agent’s office.  The sides were beautifully printed and stapled, there were cookies and drinks in the waiting area.  We had call backs, we held several rehearsals, pause for effect, and spent time on costume, shot lists, hiring equipment and so on.  In short, we were very prepared…. The film was well executed and apart from some sound equipment malfunctions and therefore reshoots, which can happen on the biggest of movies, everything was perfect!

This was pre-Youtube, so the film ended up being seen by very few and the cut was certainly effected by the sound issue, but it was otherwise very successful.  At least it was completed to our own extreme satisfaction.  As a first attempt at filmmaking it was pretty amazing to be honest, especially as we were shooting on the first consumer quality 3 chip DV camera.  So to those of us who were involved in the project, it was a complete success, and the more I make films and are involved other peoples as well as my own projects, I appreciate exactly what made that first one so successful to us.  We decided it was a success because our expectations and our minds were very open, we just wanted to make a film from an idea that we had, and we wanted it to be as good as we knew it could be.  We succeeded.

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