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Nigeria: We need to start telling our stories differently – Michelle Aisha Bello

by Jemi Ekunkunbor.

After shooting a short film as a project for her Bachelor’s degree in Communications, this product of American University, Washington DC knew that her destiny was with film production. On graduation in 2005, this proud Nigerian and native of Adamawa State returned home to pursue a career in film production in the already bustling Nigeria Movie Industry.

Beautiful, Michelle Aisha Bello got her break in 2007, when she worked as associate producer on the set of TV talk show, “Moment with Mo.” This was followed by TY Bello’s “Green Land” video. After that brilliant interpretation, her career soared “and everybody wanted to work with me” she says. She further maintained the momentum with the production of her first feature film, “Small Boy”.

Dripping with ideas after a Master’s degree from the same institution in Communications specializing in Film Directing, Michelle is set to work on a new film, Flower Girl  which is due to be premiered next month in Lagos. Now she could exhale as we chatted about her rough long journey to fame and fortune.

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