Film Independent: Top 10 Posts of 2012: Filmmaking Tips to Kickstart the New Year

by Peter D. Marshall

by Cherita Smith.

2012 is done and gone, and the world is still standing. While there wasn’t a cosmic revolution of the Mayan-apocalyptic sort, you can start your own microcosmic revolution:

Make this the year you finish that script or shoot that movie. Start that web series. Take the film festival world by storm—or at least learn how to make the most of the festival circuit. We’re talking stop-dreaming-and-start-doing full on revolution; don’t settle for the anemic resolutions a new year too often brings.

To help you get started, here are our top 10 filmmaking posts of 2012, which cover everything from crowdfunding and post-production tips to getting your start with commercial directing and festival publicity—oh, and did I mention crowdfunding? Topping the list: an empowering clip from the Forum keynote speech by Oscar®-nominated director John Singleton that is anything but anemic. In fact, I’m thinking “just make it and shoot it, and don’t give a f**k would make a great motto for 2013.

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