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Greening Up The Film Industry: Dutch Filmmakers Clean Up On Set

by Rachel Nuwer.

Environmentally, the Netherlands has a lot going for it. The country excels at climate change mitigation and an extensive recycling system keeps all but 10 percent of Holland’s waste out of landfills. Yet until recently, the Dutch movie industry seemed oblivious to the green movement. Now, a group of innovative Dutch filmmakers have set out to shift their country’s productions to a deeper shade of green.

“There’s been a whole wave of environmental entrepreneurs in Holland over the last four or five years who really developed their business model by thinking in sustainable, green terms,” said Chai Locher, founder of the Amsterdam-based production company Vision Media. “But the film industry didn’t connect to that world,” he said.

Like other sectors in the green movement, green filmmaking focuses on slashing waste, electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions. Locher knew that green filmmaking had already taken off in places like the U.S., New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Major Hollywood studios, for example—including Disney, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, Fox and Sony Pictures Entertainment—helped to kickstart the trend by backing a Green Production Guide and carbon footprint calculator for productions, while actors like Rachel McAdams and Leonardo DiCaprio promote environmental stewardship on their film sets and to the public.

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