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Why You Should Leave Filmmaking to Steven Spielberg

by Brett Relander.

Why aren’t you using video? Or, if you do have one or two videos posted to your website and YouTube, why aren’t you doing more? You know its valuable, particularly since that one search engine that begins with ‘G’ really loves video (and just happens to own YouTube). Not to mention most prospects and customers love video, too.

Could it be that the barrier is thinking that every video has to match a Spielberg production? Look, you’re not telling one of the great historical dramas, so just go for it. That’s not to say that hiring a professional team is always a mistake. A homepage video that is one of the cornerstone’s of communicating your identity might be worth the investment. (but even here skip the Hollywood production – and prices – and just go with quality and competence).

So if you are willing to get over the need for absolute video perfection, what are some concrete ways to amp up your video production?

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