Douglas Trumbull On High Frame Rate Filmmaking: Part 1

by Peter D. Marshall

by Doug Trumball.

Visual effects legend Douglas Trumbull writes exclusively about why he is developing high frame rate filmmaking technology that will give cinema audiences an experience they simply can’t get anywhere else.

As a result of cinema’s transition from celluloid film to digital data, a number of recent developments in the movie industry are providing tremendous opportunities. Ever since working on 2001: A Space Odyssey in Cinerama 70mm, which was shown on deeply curved 90 foot wide screens, I have remained interested in ‘immersive cinema’.

In the 1980’s, I made a major effort to bring the Showscan 60 frame per second (fps) 70mm giant screen process to the industry via my film Brainstorm, but to no avail; this was mostly due to excessive cost for film stock and prints as well as requiring new projectors.

Now there is a lot of buzz about 3D and higher frame rates (HFR), yet few people seem to have a comprehensive understanding of how to move the industry into the 21st century, while taking advantage of the low cost of data and the fact that today’s digital projectors are already running at 144fps.

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