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Is social media the answer for Canada’s indie filmmakers?

by Robert Everett-Green.

This week, the Toronto International Film Festival announced its annual list of Canada’s Top 10 – the best Canadian movies of the year, in TIFF’s opinion. The list included much-discussed films by David Cronenberg (Cosmopolis) and Deepa Mehta (Midnight’s Children), as well as the transgendered love story Laurence Anyways, and the comedy My Awkward Sexual Adventure. If you don’t know those last two, you have plenty of company. Laurence Anyways played a few Canadian theatres for three weeks, and My Awkward Sexual Adventure is still on the festival circuit, with no theatrical release in sight till next spring.

TIFF says that Canada’s Top 10 “is intended to raise public awareness of Canadian achievements in film” – a polite way of saying that most of us are slow to notice when good films are made here. But maybe the trouble is that nobody tells us about them till way too late in the process.

That’s the word from Vancouver digital entrepreneur J. Joly, who says that filmmakers ought to build their audiences before they shoot their pictures, not after. To test his case, he has launched CineCoup, a one-year “film accelerator” that gives social media a starring role in film production.

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