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Indie filmmakers agree: Distribution is weak link

by Allan Policarpio.

Independent filmmakers are urging festival organizers to work more closely with government and TV networks in helping beef up film distribution, “if they’re serious about changing the industry.”

Independent filmmaking is undeniably thriving at the moment, director Emmanuel dela Cruz said at a recent press con for the coming 2012 Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival.

“We have an abundance of emerging talents, but most of them are stuck in the festivals,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “Their films should be seen by a wider audience.”

Dela Cruz said filmmakers shared the sentiment that there were more than enough film festivals, but that “the weak link is distribution.” This was what the higher-ups should focus on, he said.

He said Cinema One could help address this issue by awarding distribution as a prize for worthy films.

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