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How to make a movie in the Middle East

 from The Daily Star.

Conversation with independent filmmakers about the trials and tribulations of their work tends to be interesting. Sometimes the story of the struggle is more arresting than the work that comes out of it.

Because cinema is expensive, a key part of the challenge facing iindie filmmakers in the Arab world, like anyplace else, is funding.

One of the more successful film finance funds to have emerged in the last few years is Sanad (Support). Established by the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 2010, the fund’s managers aim to provide “meaningful support” to Arab feature and documentary filmmakers. The team overseeing the selection process erred, when possible, on the side of innovative projects, whether by young artists or more established filmmakers.

“Meaningful support” required a yearly budget of $500,000, disbursed in tranches of up to $20,000 for script development and $60,000 for post-production. The fund also organized screenwriting and pitch workshops and the like for its laureates and worked to tout their work throughout the year.

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