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What is the #1 Secret to the Actor/Director Relationship?

What is the #1 Secret to the Actor/Director Relationship?


Actors begin by trusting the director – and it’s the director’s trust to lose. Good actors quite often take their time before they decide they can trust you.

If an actor feels he cannot trust the director to know a good performance from a bad performance, the actor will begin to monitor his own performances – and it is extremely difficult for actors to evaluate their own performance.

So how do you get actors to trust you?

Actors rarely have an overview of how their character fits into the whole narrative story and it’s the director’s job to know the destination of the story and the objectives of each character in that story.

A director’s primary concern on the set is to provide approval and reassurance to your actors. As performers, actors need to be seen and heard, and you must always make sure that your actors know you are listening to them.

Remember, to find a character they are playing, actors must surrender completely to feelings and impulses. A good director understands an actor’s vulnerability and creates a safe place for them to perform.

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