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The Power of Documentary: On why film is a powerful instrument for change.

by Kevin Fallon.

Documentary filmmaking has its stars. The Michael Moores, the Morgan Spurlocks, the Ken Burnses—filmmakers who have the rare privilege of reaching millions of people with their releases just by attaching their names to a film and an issue. But in the modern era of moviemaking, a documentary doesn’t have to be Fahrenheit 9/11 to create real change.

That’s the idea behind the PUMA.Creative Impact Awards, an annual competition that awards €50,000—not to mention a publicity platform—to a recent documentary film that has made the most significant social or environmental impact. On Tuesday, this year’s prize went to Budrus, Brazilian filmmaker Julia Bacha’s profile of a Palestinian village fighting a unique battle. The film had already taken home honors at film festivals in Berlin, Jerusalem, San Francisco, Tribeca, and more, but, with this most recent honor, Bacha now has evidence that Budrus is actually inspiring change.

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