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Crowdsourcing is creating the cloud filmmaking revolution

by Dean Takahashi.

The Internet and movie makers  have collided, and the result is a cloud film-making revolution.

Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain explained at the Open Mobile Summit today how she and other documentary filmmakers are using crowdsourcing techniques to put together films that are so global in scope that they wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Fimmakers upload video to the web, and it becomes part of the edited film. This form of crowdsourcing lowers the costs of making a film and makes the film easier to produce and distribute digitally.

Shlain’s latest film, Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks, debuts tomorrow and is a 10-minute film about research on how to best nurture children’s brains, based on information from Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child and University of Washington’s I-LABS. The film explores the parallels between a child’s brain development and the development of the global brain of the Internet, which she says is still in its infancy.

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