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Collabor8te: young filmmakers need nurturing for the future of UK film

by Rankin.

Everyone is a filmmaker. These days anyone with a mobile phone has the ability to make a shoot, edit and publish their own little movie. The barriers for entry have never been lower.

So the announcement this month from the British Film Institute that almost £500m is to be spent on the UK film industry over the next five years is most welcome. The hope is that the sum will be used to boost film production in the UK and encourage young talent.

The film industry contributes £4.6bn a year to the economy and it’s one of the few industries in which Britain is still a power player. However, the vast proportion of the £500m will be spent on supporting more established filmmakers in the UK, so while the investment is welcome, more needs to be done to identify and nurture young and talented filmmakers.

Read the rest of this article from the Guardian.

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