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Credit Card Movies: How to Fund Cinematic Dreams

by Michael Germanovsky.

A lot of American success stories began with creative entrepreneurs who used credit cards to jump start their businesses and Hollywood no different.

Not only is it known as Tinseltown, it’s also a heavy credit town. Movies are made by getting money from producers on the promise of a big return on their investments. But there are a lot of expenses involved in shooting, producing and editing a film as well as all the post-production costs. Indie filmmakers sometimes have to be very creative to fund their movies. The big payoff though, is that some of those low-budget movies end up making millions.

Director Robert Townsend funded part of Hollywood Shuffle with his plastic and the money he made acting in films and commercials. Spike Lee busted out on the film scene because of the credit gods. Horror film The Blair Witch Project was made with credit cards and put the filmmakers heavily into debt, but it made a fortune.

If you have your eye on Hollywood with hopes of making a successful Indie film, you will need to have good credit if you plan to finance it with a few high-limit credit cards.

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