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EU help for film industry a ‘gratuitous waste’

by Godfrey Bloom.

Could there be a better example of the economic phenomenon of the ‘tragedy of the commons’ than the recent £8.6m offer to subsidise showing ‘specialist films’ across 20 EU, asks UKIP MEP.

For those not familiar with ‘tragedy of the commons’ it is when everyone owns something, so nobody has responsibility for it. The common fisheries policy is a prime example but I digress. Brussels is offering £8.6m to a network of cinemas across at least 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, to show these European films for 12 months.

No one wanted to watch these films, such as Muumise Kunst, a 2006 documentary about Estonians selling Tupperware, the first time round and I cannot believe anyone will the second time round. I do not think that oi Albinoi, the story of a lovesick Icelandic Albino, or O Fantasma, the tale of a Portuguese dustman, is going to having them queuing round the block either. The EU allots its MEDIA 2007 an annual budget of £100m to support small enterprise and independent film-makers.

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