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Focus on marketing to turn a film profitable

by Arthur J Pais.

For the next second generation Indian American in a hurry to make a film, Ajay Shrivastav, who recently hosted a two-day symposium in New York on Bollywood and global film-making, has two pieces of advice.

“If you are budgeting your film at $50,000 or half a million dollars, keep at least one third of that money for marketing the film,” Shrivastav, partner in Molecule Communications with his sister Kiren, said. “Secondly, know your audience.”

The two day symposium Ticket2Bollywood, Bollywood: Beyond the Song and Dance offered “insider” information about directing, producing, writing, and financing Bollywood films and featured film makers Zoya Akhtar and Imtiaz Ali and scriptwriter Anuradha Tiwari.

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