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Indie Filmmakers and the Digital Dilemma

by Peter Csathy.

The beauty of digital filmmaking — unlike celluloid, digital data lives forever. Right? Wrong.

That fundamental misconception — held widely by independent filmmakers (and many of us, for that matter) — means that even some of the best-known indie films are likely to be lost forever, unless a solution for long-term archiving is found. THAT is the problem that Geralyn Dreyfous, respected Academy Award-winning indie filmmaker, is committed to solving. Together with the Utah Film and Media Arts Coalition (UFMAC), she is building the Film Digital Archive in Salt Lake City specifically for the benefit of indie filmmakers (which is appropriate given that Salt Lake is the home of the world famous Sundance Film Festival).

I. First, the Problem: The Digital Dilemma for Indie Filmmakers

Here are the cold hard facts. Digital data cannot survive “unattended.” Significant active preservation processes must be implemented — much more so than with digital data’s celluloid brethren. As concluded by the recent study “The Digital Dilemma 2” published earlier this year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences:

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