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Taking Caribbean filmmaking by Storm

by Leiselle Maraj.

Seven stories, Six directors. One island. Ring Di Alarm, a Jamaican feature-length film made up of seven shorts, is not a new concept in film. Anthology films like Edmund Goulding’s Grand Hotel, Je t’aime and If I Had a Million have been around since 1932.

However, film-maker Storm Saulter is looking to use this technique to further develop the Caribbean film industry. The Caribbean model, however, has a unique twist to deal with – the all too familiar cry of lack of funding; Ring Di Alarm was made for almost next to nothing.

Saulter is one of the founders of the two-year-old company, New Caribbean Cinema, which created and produced Ring Di Alarm. He would be familiar to trinidad + tobago film festival afficionados as his film Better Must Come was featured in last year’s festival and won the Viewer’s Choice award. St Lucian film maker Michelle Serieux, Saulter’s brother and fellow film-maker Nile Saulter and Joel Burke make up the rest of the team at New Caribbean Cinema.

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