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‘El Mariachi’: 20 Years Later

by Charles Ramírez Berg.

He made it for $7,000 and hoped to sell it to the Spanish-language video market for $15,000. It didn’t matter if nobody saw it, what mattered was getting the money to make Part 2. Then he’d repeat the process and finish the Mariachi Trilogy. “Those three films,” he says now, “were going to be my film school, because the only way you learn to make movies is to make movies.”

But his plan failed because El Mariachi was too good. He took it to LA, and showed it to a Spanish-language video company, which was slow to respond. While waiting, he decided to drop off a VHS copy of his nine-minute student film, Bedhead, which contained the two-minute trailer for El Mariachi, at ICM (International Creative Management), one of the world’s largest talent agencies. He just walked in off the street and handed the tape to the receptionist, so I imagine he got a variation of the standard “Don’t call us, kid, we’ll call you” line.

They called him the next day.

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